About Priory Integrated College



Integrated schools bring together pupils, staff and governors from all religions and none (in the context of Northern Ireland, the bringing together of both Protestant and Catholic traditions is especially relevant to the process of peace and reconciliation). In integrated schools, one religious or cultural group is not valued over another. All are equally valued and celebrated. Integration is also about inclusion of children of all abilities and all socio-economic backgrounds. It is about cultivating the individual’s self-respect and therefore respect for other people and other cultures. Integrated education means bringing children up to live as adults in a diverse society, recognising what they hold in common as well as what separates them, and accepting both.





Holywood High School transformed to become Priory Integrated College in 1997. The process of transformation began with funding provided by the Integrated Education Fund. The parents of Holywood High School voted overwhelmingly in favour of transformation, by the highest margin in any parental vote in any transforming school.


Priory Integrated College today welcomes young people from all backgrounds and academic abilities. Priory pupils thrive because they are accepted as individuals who are part of a supportive and purposeful school family. Together (the motto on the school crest) reflects our deep rooted belief that we are stronger as one and we excel as individuals when the collective ethos and spirit is upheld and promoted. Priory pupils want to succeed and they are supported by a wonderful team of staff who work industriously to ensure they fulfil their potential academically.

The college’s religious balance compares favourably with the demographic pattern of East Belfast and North Down, with well over 30% of its pupil intake from minority communities throughout the area.




The Head of Pastoral Care and Welfare is Ms H Ferguson.


Pastoral care in Priory Integrated College is outstanding and sits alongside our core purpose of supporting our pupils on their learning journey as they mature into confident and ambitious young people. Our preventative curriculum includes a taught pastoral programme which sits alongside our quality assembly provision and College ethos.

Each form class has its own Form Tutor who gets to know them as individuals and supports them with good attendance and punctuality, appropriate uniform, positive behaviour for learning.

These form classes are organised into year groups with a Head of Year who has overall responsibility for all students in that year group.


Year 8 Head of Year – Mr R Jackson

Year 9 Head of Year – Mrs J McCandless

Year 10 Head of Year –  TBC

Year 11 Head of Year – Mr W Moffett

Year 12 Head of Year – Mrs S Stronge

Year 13/14 Head of Year – Mrs A Keatings-Hunter


Year 8 – 10 are then organised into Junior School, Year 11 – 12 into Senior School and Years 13- 14 into Sixth Form with a Head of each School as follows:

Head of Junior School –                 Mr P Swann

Head of Senior School –                Mr D Kelly


Teacher in charge of sixth form – Mrs A Keatings-Hunter


The College seeks to provide the appropriate stretch and challenge and support to all our learners.