As a Priory Integrated College student you will always be a special part of our history. By keeping in touch as part of our Priory Integrated College Alumni network you could be an important part of our future too.

We are expanding our Alumni network and want to engage with former students. It is completely free to join, and there is no commitment to do anything other than register. You can select how you might like to help the College when you access the link.


There are a number of ways that you could benefit:


  • Promote employability – support Priory Integrated College by becoming an integral part of our Careers Advice programme. Share knowledge and experience, become a mentor, or provide work experience opportunities.
  • Stay connected – stay up to date with the latest news, views, events, and stay in touch with your peers.
  • Networking – expand your professional network and introduce those who could provide a valuable service to the college.
  • Fundraising – support events by volunteering, providing contacts, or donating.
  • Boost your CV – volunteer, develop valuable skills such as public speaking, network for careers advice or work experience, keep in touch and stay involved.

Alumni Profiles