When we read a percentage of 95 on our child’s test paper, this is something good and to be celebrated.  However the visuals show that an attendance percentage of 95 represents 9 valuable teaching and learning days missed in a school year – never to be got back!



Why is school attendance important?

  • It is your legal duty as parents/guardians to ensure the regular and punctual attendance of your child at school.
  • Children need to attend school regularly to keep up with their work and promote their social development.
  • A good education will give your child the best possible start in life and enable them to make the best of the opportunities available.
  • Children need to develop good habits in readiness for later life.
  • Employers of school leavers will take into account the young person’s school attendance and punctuality record before making a job offer.

If your child has a genuine illness, please ensure you contact the school explaining their absence or on their return, send in a note with them.

At Priory Integrated College, we monitor pupil attendance very closely and aim to reward those with good attendance each year.