Enrichment at 6th Form



Throughout 6th form there are numerous opportunities for our students to get involved in areas beyond their curricular studies. We encourage all Year 13 students to embark on at least one activity.



Killcooly Project
Digital Leaders
Mental Health Amabassadors
Peer mentors
Career Ready
Young Enterprise: Mini Company
Classroom support
Charity shop work
Community work
Volunteer Now: Millennium Volunteers programme

Support in the Classroom

Many Sixth Form students support younger students in chosen subject areas where they have an interest and specialism. This is especially valuable experience for those students interested in teaching or social care professional career pathways.




Senior Prefects

A team of Senior Prefects are appointed in the summer term of Year 13, along with two Head Prefects.  The group sets their own agenda and work with members of the school community to make their suggestions become reality.





Mental Health Ambassadors

All our current Senior Prefects received mental health training.  One of our Head Prefects leads this area within the team supported by the Head of Sixth Form.  This year we linked up with the charity inspire and their change your mind programme, to offer further support through literature and promotional materials around school.


Allstate Mentoring Programme

For the past number of years we have been running a successful mentoring programme with Allstate NI.  Allstate are a large IT organisation with offices based in Belfast and Londonderry. Our programme sees a number of our sixth form students meet on a regular basis, approximately every 3 weeks, with a professional from Allstate.

The mentor develops a relationship with our students to support them in a range of areas of their school life.  They support in looking at current school pressures of coursework and examinations, discuss pathways and options for education or employment post sixth form.  Giving advice and support form their own experiences.

Through the Mentor programme students have the opportunity to visit the Allstate office in Belfast and see for themselves the daily tasks their mentors undertake.

We are delighted to be part of such a successful relationship which grows from strength to strength each year.