Open Night 2020: Thanks for Coming

17 Jan Open Night 2020: Thanks for Coming

We enjoyed two busy evenings welcoming visitors along to the College on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16thJanuary.  What great nights they were with so many positive comments and a real buzz in the college.

Many thanks to all the Priory pupils who took the opportunity to get involved by helping the teachers in the classrooms and guiding our visitors around the college. A special thank you to four of our Year 8 pupils who took part in the Principal’s address, telling the prospective new pupils and parents about their experiences since joining Priory Integrated College in September 2019.  You can read what they had to say here.


Hi, Im Joshua, and Ive been in Priory coming up to 5 months now.  I feel like I have settled in very well with the support of the astounding staff here in Priory.  Also, I love the way that the staff are very understanding and are always there to help. There are a variety of amazing after school activities to get involved in.  They range from Fitness, STEM and Drama clubs, all of which I have taken the opportunity to join.  I found it extremely easy to find my place here in Priory and making friends was effortless.  A great help has been all my friends, who have been amazing, and Mr Jackson, our Head of year, has made the transition incredibly simple.  Thank you! Have a great night.

Joshua, Year 8 Pupil


 Hi, my name is Leah, and at first I was really nervous about coming to Priory.  I was scared in case I didnt make any new friends but, I shouldn’t have worried.  When I first met the other new Year 8 pupils and we started chatting I quickly made some great friends and it was all fine.  My favourite subjects are Art, and Technology and Design, because you get to interact more with the other pupils. The teachers make learning interesting, and I find, that if I need help, I only need to ask.  We are supported in our thinking and encouraged to solve problems and be creative.  I would say the best bit of my Priory journey so far has been the school trip to Ballykinler.  We went for 3 days and 2 nights. One night we got to sleep outside and for the other we slept in dorms.  In Priory we also have great opportunities to play our part in developing our school. The teachers are always interested in our opinions.  I really look forward to what the rest of the year brings. Thank you for listening.

Leah, Year 8 Pupil


 When the first day arrived for me to come to Priory back in August, I was so nervous to walk through those doors, but now Im so glad I did.  One thing, that really helped me settle in, were the activities the teachers planned for us during our first couple of days. We had the school all to ourselves, and we had time to get to meet our teachers, get our timetables, be shown our way around the school and, make new friends.  There is a huge range of clubs here. With so many to choose from it was a hard decision, but, so far I have joined Priory singers and the Drama club, and, already I have had opportunities to sing at the college’s Carol Service and take part in a Nativity performance, and, have had enormous amounts of fun. Once I had joined these clubs I also found that I made even more new friends and that has really helped me settled in.   Another thing that made me feel welcome was the teachers. They make learning interesting, and I find, that if I need help, I only need to ask. We are supported in our thinking and encouraged to solve problems. My favorite subjects at the moment include, English, Drama, and History. Also, when we started the teachers did not mind if we were a few minutes late, on the account of getting lost.  I really like it here and know that anyone who also comes here will do as well.  Thanks for listening.

Eva, Year 8 Pupil


Good Evening. My name is Travis and I would like to welcome you to Priory Integrated College.  Perhaps some of you here this evening may be feeling nervous. When I was in your shoes this time last year, I was worried I might struggle to make new friends when I had to make the move from my Primary school, and, I would have been horrified at the idea of making a speech like this.  I shouldn’t have worried. I have settled in really well here in Priory and I have made some great friends.  I’m a sporty person, and at Primary school my favourite subject was PE. Since starting Priory I have taken the opportunity to join the football team and I really enjoy attending the after school fitness club too!  Even the ‘real’ work isn’t too bad. I have found that anytime I need help my teachers are there for me and guide me so I know how to take the next steps in my learning.   Whatever your favourite subject is, I hope you enjoy looking around the college tonight. Perhaps I will see some of you back here in September.

Travis, Year 8 Pupil




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