Back in Showbiz…

04 Nov Back in Showbiz…

Priory College sixth form pupils were delighted to participate in a virtual Q & A over Halloween weekend with the television presenter and radio DJ, Dermot O’Leary.  Dermot is widely known for his role in presenting the X-Factor and presenter of a music and entertainment breakfast show on BBC radio 2.  

Pupils from the Year 13 Creative Digital Media class linked to the virtual Q and A from home via Zoom.  Dermot interacted with the pupils in a fun and professional manner, providing an encouraging insight into the t.v. and radio industry.  As a highly admired and inspirational presenter, Dermot provided the pupils with great tips on how to get into presenting on t.v. and radio.  The pupils feel motivated and determined to be “as successful” in the presenting business!

Unexpectedly Dermot provided every participant the opportunity to ask a question.  Charlie wanted to know what Dermot is most looking forward to working on in 2021.  Given the current situation, Dermot is looking forward to still working!  

Cameron wanted to know what it was like to work with the judges on the x-factor and who was his favourite judge, Dermot explained how much he enjoys working on the X-factor and how hard working Nicole is.

Leo wanted to know what Dermot’s greatest memory of working on radio is.  Dermot told of his experience interviewing Springsteen and Mc Cartney.

Then Mrs Fanning had the opportunity to ask a question, by which stage there was no better opportunity than this to invite Dermot to come and work with the Creative Media class in our school.  We wait in anticipation for his next trip to Belfast, as he said a visit could be arranged!!

The virtual Q and A was very informative and great fun, making this a fantastic experience for the pupils to meet such a highly esteemed media presenter.  We are also delighted to have met Cinemagic CEO, Joan Burney Keatings and we are extremely grateful to Cinemagic for the opportunity to participate in the virtual Q and A during the 31st Cinemagic International Film Festival.

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