Integrated schools bring together pupils, staff and governors from all religions and none (in the context of Northern Ireland, the bringing together of both Protestant and Catholic traditions is especially relevant to the process of peace and reconciliation). In integrated schools, one religious or cultural group is not valued over another. All are equally valued and celebrated. Integration is also about inclusion of children of all abilities and all socio-economic backgrounds. It is about cultivating the individual’s self-respect and therefore respect for other people and other cultures. Integrated education means bringing children up to live as adults in a diverse society, recognising what they hold in common as well as what separates them, and accepting both.

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  • From New York to Holywood…

    Priory College sixth form pupils were delighted to take part in a virtual Q & A last night with the award winning actress Saoirse Ronan.  The Irish and American actress has been nominated for 4 Oscars and her multi-award winning back catalogue of film credits......

  • Visit from Army Recruitment to Priory’s Princes Trust group

    The Year 12 Princes Trust Group welcomed Army Recruitment to their lesson, with the aim of introducing to them their new module of Team Skills.  The group of 21 pupils enjoyed a series of activities which promoted the skills of:  working together, communication, problem solving and using......

  • Year 10 Options Taster Day 2020

    Over 100 year 10 pupils took part in a Year 10 Options Taster Day at Priory Integrated College on 4 February 2020.  Each pupil was provided with the opportunity to sample a series of ‘new’ subjects that will be offered to them as part of......

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Year 8 - 12 students, have you set up your GCSEpod account yet? if not follow the instructions in this video. ... See MoreSee Less

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Today, under Covid regulations, Priory Integrated College celebrates the success of all the pupils who achieved the highest ranked order in their GCSE and GCE 2020 examinations. The Principal will be presenting certificates and prizes to the students that are with us in Sixth form. For all the pupils and parents who were unable to attend due to the regulations, we have produced this video to celebrate YOUR success. ... See MoreSee Less

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Dear Parent/Carer

As we have had a little time to consider the implications of school being shut next week, we have decided to change the Inset day which was planned for Monday 2nd November to a teaching day. Pupils will therefore come back to school on Monday 2nd November.

Best wishes and thanks
Mrs N Wilson
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Dear Parent/Carer

Below are some Q and A about expectations for next week.

I know many of you with KS4/5 children are especially worried about loss of learning time and Principals across the country share your concern.

You will note from my correspondence yesterday that work which is set is optional. The following short answers will clarify this and as parent/carer, you can decide what is best for your child.

1. Will remote learning be in place?
A: No.

2. Will blended learning be in place?
A: No.

3. Will my child in KS3 be given work from teachers to work on over the 2 weeks?
A. No

4. Will my child in KS4/5 be given optional revision work from teachers?
A. Teachers may choose to do this to help their students.

5. If my child in KS4/5 is given revision work, do they have to do it?
A. No. It is optional. This could be considered as something very positive to do however.

6. Why did The Principal tell parents that work would be set when the week is classed as a holiday?
A: Because lots of pupils, staff and parents requested this and were very worried about loss of learning. We often set homework over holidays.

7. What sort of work may be set?
A: Homework or revision is another word for this. It is consolidation/revision/extra resources/past paper sample answers etc. NO NEW MATERIAL SHOULD BE COVERED.

8. Will this work be marked?
A: The type of work set will not require teachers to mark it unless they wish to.

9. What message is being delivered to KS4/5 pupils in school?
A: A video is being shown to KS4/5 pupils explaining the above.

Best wishes
Mrs N Wilson

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This Week In Priory I visited a year 12 Art class. They were looking at an artist that inspires them and were doing some work on their own pieces based on the work of that artist. We have some very talented year 12s. Aleesha pictured below was working hard on a beautiful piece she was hand drawing in pencil. ... See MoreSee Less

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Priory Integrated College is a wonderful school. It is a privilege to lead this inclusive community and I am very proud of the exceptional achievements of our young people.



Homework at Priory is set using a digital planner called Show my Homework.  Support your child at home or on the go with our personalised homework planner.


Academic Year 2020/21

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Year 8 Induction

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