BBC News School Report

This year students from Priory Integrated College will be taking part in BBC News School Report.  We aim to publish the news by 1600 GMT on 16 March 2017, so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later.


We are a group of students producing the news report for the BBC News School Report.  We are currently studying BTEC Information & Creative Technology Level 2 and this opportunity to work with the BBC allows us to showcase our creative skills.

We think we are very lucky to be studying in Priory because every pupil and every teacher has their own iPad which we use for learning in the classroom and at home.  We make use of a variety of apps that help us learn.

In preparation for the News Report day, we have been investigating how teachers and pupils make use of this digital device in our school…

We found year 8 pupils busy on their iPads in Home Economics and GCSE pupils with Miss O’Reilly preparing some very important notes for revision.

Further down the corridor, we found Maths students with Mr Kelly looking very interested in  learning about angles and tessellations!

Katy very kindly explained to us what she was learning today in Maths…

Day 2

Mrs Stronge, one of our Science teachers, leads the student Digital Leaders in school and she is an ambassador for the use of the iPad for learning and teaching.  Last Friday Mrs Stronge received the Gold Teacher Award from iTeach.  We spoke to Mrs Stronge to find out what she had to say about digital learning…