Pastoral Care and Welfare

Welcome to the Pastoral Care and Welfare Section of our website.  This page has been set up to provide support for the well-being of our students.


Our Pastoral Care and Welfare support is aimed at embedding an integrated approach whereby our students feel they are cared for and supported within safe environment.


We hope you find the information within useful.  Should you have any questions please direct these to a member of our Pastoral Team.

Head of Pastoral Care and Welfare

Ms H Ferguson

Our Pastoral Team

All staff within the College have responsibility for the pastoral care and welfare of our students.


Form Tutors play a vital role in developing a positive relationship with students.  Form Tutors are responsible for registering students, monitoring attendance and developing positive relationships with students.  The school days starts with Form Tutor time at 8.50am.


Heads of Year support students by monitoring attendance and behaviour of their year group.


Designated Teachers ensure that all staff are aware of the Safeguarding Policy and act within those guidelines.  Reported incidents are dealt with in accordance with the safeguarding policy.  

Our Safeguarding Team

Designated Teacher for Child Protection

Ms H Ferguson


Deputy Designated Teachers for Child Protection

Mr Jackson

Mrs Stronge


Governor with responsibility for Safeguarding and Child Protection

Mrs Hart

  • Pastoral Care Policy

  • Safeguarding Policy

As a College we are privileged to have the support of external agencies who visit the College on a weekly basis to work with our young people.


These organisations include:

  • EXTERN: Joe and Matt
  • Family Works: Ruth
  • College Chaplain: Carl
  • Holywood Family Trust


Watch the videos below to find out who these people are and what they can offer you as a student at Priory Integrated College.

For all counselling requests or child safeguarding concerns please click email me to send a confidential email to our Head of Pastoral Care