Saphara 2019/20


Saphara’s core values are respect for others and a partnership which seeks to empower those who are disadvantaged.



Journey With Purpose


During the Halloween Half-Term six of our Year 14 students travelled along with twenty pupils from St Joseph’s Belfast, Cullybackey High School, Strangford Integrated College and Slemish Integrated College to India to teach in schools working with young people from the marginalised communities.

Here are some of their reflections on the experiences.


Reflections from the Saphara Priory Team 2020


It’s safe to say that my Saphara journey has surpassed all of my expectations.  I thought I would be giving everything to them, but instead the children have given me so much more.  My journey has changed my concept of sharing love.  In our SNEHA small groups one little girl said “I am special because Saphara loves me.”  Their appreciation for every small thing inspires me.  Each child’s determination to learn is truly magnificent.  Every morning walking into the classrooms we were greeted enthusiastically with the children’s smiles of pure happiness.  We can do so much more daily to help – changing our attitudes and having more gratitude is the least we can do.

Nicole, Priory Integrated College


To say that my journey with Saphara has altered my life in ways that I could not imagine would be an understatement.  The teaching in SNEHA School to my confidence to a whole new level.  We were greeted by the whole of the school singing their school song with heart and passion.  When we got into the classrooms all the children’s faces lit up with smiles and we could feel how excited they were before we even spoke a word.  It was when we broke into our groups that the fun started as we got to build a personal relationship with the children and empathise with their situation, particularly when I was taken into their community.

Joseph, Priory Integrated College


These 11 days in India have taught me many life lessons which I can use as I grow and learn more about myself and how I make my own contribution to changing the world.  Saphara has offered me the chance to meet so many amazing people and be able to build bonds with inspiring children who have taught me the importance of showing love to others and how to appreciate every small thing in our lives.  I understand more than ever before how much change can start from smiling a little bit more every day.  Have loved every moment of this trip and can’t wait to do more.

Katie, Priory Integrated College


This whole Experience has taught me a lot about myself and helped me grow as a person.  I have done things that I never knew I could do and seen sights that I never thought I’d see in real life.  It has opened my eyes in many ways and has really encouraged me to chase my dreams in the future.  We were here to help teach children who have very little in life, but they have taught me really important life lessons.  A big one is to never take anything for granted and to always be happy no matter how ‘bad’ life may be.  Without Saphara none of this would have been possible.  Thank You!

Meredith, Priory Integrated College