Open Evening & Induction

The aim of the Sixth Form Induction Program at Priory is to prepare pupils for the workload, responsibility and maturity that is required to study at this level.  The Induction Program allows pupils to meet the Head of School, Form Tutors, and other members of the Sixth Form team. In addition to meeting their fellow peers and teachers, students will participate in a variety of activities and team building initiatives. 

As pastoral care is at the heart of everything we do at Priory, we believe that this is an opportunity for pupils, both old and new, to develop, foster and build new friendships that will sustain and support them through their time here at Priory. 

Sixth Form Induction


Our Year 13 pupils and pastoral team thoroughly enjoyed a great day at Lorne Estate for a range of team building activities to help put us all at ease with one another, and get to know who is who.  Lots of very enthusiastic young people pushing themselves to succeed.